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Message & Vision

The dreams of Habiba founders Maged El Said and his wife Lorena Rancati have become a thriving community with an ever-growing vision.

Maged El Said - Founder of Habiba Community

“It is my ultimate vision to establish a lively educational hub in Nuweiba.”

“My inspiration is simple: to give back to the community that has given me so much. The love and vision I often speak about is a reflection of what I have received from the people here in Nuweiba throughout the years. The word “Habiba”, which means “Love”, is an acknowledgment and a reminder of the way I choose to live my life.”

Lorena Rancati - Founder of Habiba Community

“I would like to see more people start doing what makes them happy”

“Life with Maged is a beautiful adventure! Love is what brought us to Nuweiba and love is what made us realize our dream: having a beautiful family in Habiba. Since we arrived, I have strongly believed in supporting the community—starting from helping women and children attain a better future. Seeing them achieve their dreams and personal development is my greatest reward.”

Our Story

The story began when Maged became inspired by the natural beauty and vibrancy of the South Sinai landscape. So in 1994, he relocated his family to start a small family-run enterprise by the sea called Habiba Beach Lodge. But, due to social, economic and political shocks in the region, and the reliance on tourism, Habiba endured much loss.

Eventually our vision was adapted—with the greater goal of food security and a more responsible approach to the environment and tourism.

What started off as a growth strategy to expand operations and ensure food security, has today become Habiba’s key attraction: an organic farm in the desert that adapts cutting-edge methods in sustainable agri-tech, restoration & experimentation. Our farm was founded to help green the Sinai desert and produce organic food to improve the living conditions of the Habiba family and the local community.

Gradually, Maged began transferring his knowledge on how to farm organically to the Bedouins as well as introducing the organic farming concept to Bedouins without farms . The Habiba development model has changed the landscape in Nuweiba, inspiring many local camps and Bedouins to participate. Today in the sparsely populated South Sinai there are 72 farms, 47 of which are Bedouin owned.

And, the story goes on—growing into a myriad of interlinked projects & initiatives that continue to flourish.

The History Of Habiba

Habiba Beach Lodge founded

It is a small, barefoot place, respectful of the natural surroundings.


Habiba Organic Farm founded

It acts as a community-based farm to benefit the people of South Sinai.


Implementing WWOOF Model

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.


Organic Farm Certification Community Knowledge Sharing

Beginning of Seminars & Workshops


Partnership with Desert Research Center

Habiba Learning Center Founded

Sinai Date Palm Foundation Created


Cooperation and Provision of Assistance

Cooperation and Provision of Assistance to Local Organic Start-up Farms

WOMAD Project Started



Start of Habiba Regenerative Learning Center

Using global knowledge transfer to create sustainable solutions through local natural resources.


Creation of a Research Hub

Creation of a Research Hub in Partnership with International Research Centers

Recognized as a Global Ecovillage and as an Ecosystem Restoration Camp



Replication of the Habiba Community Model in other Egyptian Resorts



Habiba’s holistic vision, through its touchpoints, enables our socio-economic & environmental goals to be realized and become sustainable.
trees planted
research projects (2019-2021)
families started farming (since 2013)
Kids at the learning center (since 2013)
women daily involved in WOMAD
(since 2015)
women involved in Diamonds of Sinai (2020)
widows trained to farm their backyard (since 2018)

Holistic Vision

Our vision aims to be a holistic one. Its concepts and activity are grounded in six pillars—to prepare, encourage, secure, engage, integrate and innovate. Still inspired by Maged’s original dreams, Habiba’s holistic vision continues to grow, adapt and interlace with new ideas and changing scenarios. And of course, these pillars sit on a strong base—the Habiba Community!


 Sustainable food security

Local access to safe and secure nourishment, improving nutrition, decreasing food waste and reducing the carbon footprint.


Open agriculture opportunities for local families

Heighten stability & sustainability and reduce reliance on traditional tourism as a non-secure income.


Sinai Date Palm Foundation

Our plant a palm for tomorrow initiative, providing income & resources for Habiba Learning Center.



Engaging old & young people to get involved and volunteer, while exploring a new culture, spreading the philosophy, and being part of the change.


Agriculture, education & tourism

Educating on sustainable agriculture, cooperation awareness, less reliance on mass tourism and future-proofing new generations for the challenges ahead.


Scientific research hub

Leading scientific research, regeneration & experimentation regionally and supporting accessible facilities for professionals, students and enthusiasts.

Our vision’s future

Habiba and our community have come a long way over the years, but there’s still much to do to continue actively chasing our dreams.

Energy Efficiency

By installing solar energy, adopting a waste-to-energy system, controlling and reducing the use of energy.

Water Efficiency

By assessing our own water footprint as a community and acting to repair the damage caused in all these years.

Create to Regenerate

By acting and setting up initiatives that aim at spreading the regeneration process of our ecosystem.

Educational Hub

By organizing summer/winter schools, and internships and, ultimately, by facilitating a certified master’s program with partnering universities.


By establishing a self-sufficient, sustainable, and resilient model with long term contributors living in Nuweiba and nurturing the local human capital.

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Synergizing differences, greening the desert, providing food security and promoting education.
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