Habiba Community at COP27

6-18 November 2022 in Sharm el Sheikh

For Communities, By Communities…this is the motto adopted by the Ministry of Environment for the fourth pillar “Resources Recreated” of its strategy at COP27. 


By following this inspiring watchword as a core value of its own mission for the past 30 years, Habiba Community is ready to spread it not just locally but internationally.


Thanks to its network that kept growing constantly, Habiba Community has the right potential to become a model of ecotourism and agritourism by leading the path toward not just a sustainable but also a regenerative future.


With the goal of boosting the importance of ecological conservation and raising environmental awareness among indigenous communities, Habiba is ensuring the protection and survival of natural ecosystems, and, thanks to the global movement of Ecosystem Restoration Camps, it is also acting for their restoration and regeneration. 


The coastal area of South Sinai is facing local yet global challenges, but one step at a time, the community is developing a sustainable, self-sufficient, and resilient way of living founded on local solutions.

From Vision To Action

Panel at the Global Landscape Forum Climate 2022

“The stories we live by: the importance of ecosystem restoration through the lens of values, culture, and spirituality”

Description: As the world increasingly understands the consequences of the triple planetary crisis, there is an opportunity for humanity to reorient ourselves towards the earth and natural systems. Many grassroots efforts have realized how values-based approaches that integrate culture, Indigenous knowledge, and lessons from spiritual traditions can help motivate and sustain meaningful shifts in behavior and attitudes. Within the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration context, this session explores how diverse stakeholders can engage with these themes to heal and restore the living Earth.

Panel at the Extreme Hangout COP27
“Making Farming Sexy. The Next Generation of Regenerative Farmers can be the Turning Point in our Fight against climate change”

Description: In cooperation with Climate Farmers, a discussion on how regenerative agriculture can help fight the negative effects of climate change.

Panel at the Facing Future Earth
“Healing the Earth and the Human Spirit – The Great Work of Our Time”

Description: In cooperation with John D. Liu, Seham Saeed, intern at Habiba Community and representative of her community, the Muzeina Tribe in Nuweiba talk about the practical work of ecological restoration combined with her real life challenges.

Regeneration International reportage

Description: Regeneration International’s mission is to bring the message of regenerative food, farming and land use to the forefront of the climate conversations. Their message is to spread more and more evidence and concrete examples of how regenerative agriculture can reverse global warming and feed the world. The management of soils and their organic matter, and their capacity to sequester carbon, must be in every negotiation and commitment since it is the hope we have for a livable planet.

At COP27, Habiba’s representatives showed that having a holistic approach, based on engaging all the stakeholders can guarantee the farmers’ new means of survival.

Besides improving the livelihoods and the resilience of the local community, Habiba is trying to expand its model even more, not just at the local level, to other rural communities by raising awareness on how to be ready to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Finally, by showcasing its farms to students, experts, and enthusiasts, the ultimate vision of Habiba Community is to establish a lively educational hub in Nuweiba in which people from all over can gather and do academic research that can connect regenerative farming with a wider range of environmental-related aspects.

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