Academic Research

Our Academic Collaborations and fields of research

Habiba created a huge network to stay in contact with many national and international experts from different fields of study, from regenerative agriculture to environmental ethics, environmental engineering, earth sciences, biology, and microbiology. By having wide support from the academic world, students are able to start their research projects in our community on behalf of their universities.

Our fields of research

Soil Quality

Compost Unit Design. Soil remediation from salt. Soil microorganisms assessment and regeneration.

Water Quality and Scarcity

Water quality Unit. Wells monitoring. Smart Irrigation system. HDH Greenhouse system. Seawater Greenhouse. Eco-Oasis Greenhouse. Water footprint and Water budget assessment. Integrating aquaculture in irrigation systems. Greywater treatment and reuse for agriculture/gardens/landscape. Rainwater harvesting systems.

Self - sufficiency and Circular Economy

Biogas Unit. Biochar Unit. Solar energy harvesting system. Tree nursery.

Inclusive Supply Chain

Cheese production. Bedouin women Herbal tea.

Food Security and Ecosystem Regeneration

Flora and Fauna Baseline and development. Agroforestry System. Saltwater-Freshwater interface analysis. Quantitative Analysis of Land Use Systems. Contamination of groundwater assessment and remediation. Microclimate Restoration. Remediation of the Red Sea from the desalination plants.

Waste Management

Wastewater treatment assessment. Domestic sewage treatment and reuse for gardens/landscape. Decentralized Constructed Wetlands development. Floating wetlands.

Our Roadmap

Step 1


Having national and international universities and research centers as Habiba partners.

Step 2

Seasonal Schools

Organizing summer and winter schools in the field of environmental issues management.

Step 3

Master's Programs

Offering certified master's programs with partnering universities around the world.

Step 4

Becoming a Hub

Nuweiba becoming an educational hub and a model for other rural areas like South Sinai.

Center of Excellence for Water

First Internship Program at Habiba Community - July 2022

Our Friends

Our vision’s future

Habiba and our community have come a long way over the years, but there’s still much to do to continue actively chasing our dreams.

Energy Efficiency

By installing solar energy, adopting a waste-to-energy system, controlling and reducing the use of energy.

Water Efficiency

By assessing our own water footprint as a community and acting to repair the damage caused in all these years.

Create to Regenerate

By acting and setting up initiatives that aim at spreading the regeneration process of our ecosystem.

Educational Hub

By organizing summer/winter schools, and internships and, ultimately, by facilitating a certified master’s program with partnering universities.


By establishing a self-sufficient, sustainable, and resilient model with long term contributors living in Nuweiba and nurturing the local human capital.

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