Habiba Community

Synergizing Differences

Welcome to Habiba Community—joined by our beach lodge, regenerative & organic farms and learning center. Our vision lies in cultivating our desert through ecology and knowledge to build a strong, healthy & sustainable future for the entire South Sinai Community. Volunteer, or join events, workshops and experiences while enjoying peaceful bliss on the shores of Nuweiba, in Sinai, Egypt.

Our Farms

Organic & regenerative farms for sustainability

Our regenerative farm & organic farm aim to green the desert by providing organic produce, gathering ecological knowledge and building community collaboration. We test regenerative growing techniques, enable economic sustainability and build a holistic-minded network of peoples—volunteer, academic, scientific, locals and even just the curious.

Learning Center

Cultivating minds

Our organic farm supports and is also home to Habiba Learning Center—where cultivating the minds of local children is one key to Our Vision. We’re devoted to our kids’ development through applicable education and advancing their individual talents & interests, nurturing life-skills and helping enable a sustainable future.

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